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PromptPermit Service
A quick and easy way to achieve your permitting needs. PromptPermit consists of package pickup, monitoring and delivery. While PromptPermit Plus is an all-in-one permit service, where we do everything from completing your permit application to attending any variance or board meetings associated with your permit. We provide service within 24 to 72 hours.

I.M. Permitting and Errands Services, will submit corrections, research codes and handle revisions and renewals. We are not responsible for any comments and/or fees from the building departments, nor do we interpret codes.

Packages Start at $120.00

ErrandExpress Service
I.M. Permitting and Errand Service provides for businesses and individuals alike. We are there for you from the simple dry cleaning pickup to the weekend family reunion it is your turn to plan. Let I. M. Permitting assist you.

Our professional and courteous staff, serving the tri-county area, will meet you at your home or office. We believe in prompt, quality service, and in most cases 24 hour service is available. Our goal is a satisfied customer, our schedule is your schedule.

Packages start at $40.00 an hour

SmartChoice Permitting
This package allows the buyer to get a more thorough view of their pending house purchase. With SmartChoice both the agent and the purchaser will get an updated snapshot of permits, liens and code violations pulled on that property.

SmartChoice researches any and all open, closed and/or expired permits, and code enforcement violations, open or closed. And homeowners, current or future, who require assistance clearing up permits and violations found through SmartChoice, will receive a 10% discount, excluding contractors and builder fees.

SmartChoice is a research resource and is not designed to construct the buyer’s decision. It is not a substitute for a walk through inspection.

Packages start at $85.00

We offer drafting services including architectural drawings, architectural drafting and floor plans from the development stage of sketches to the final preparation of complete construction documents. Each drawing is drawn to your standards by an experienced designer. We are dedicated to quality, accuracy and dependability.

Rate starting from $200


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  • Sign Permits
  • Plumbing and Electrical Permits